WORKNC Training Calendar

FACT - Without training, users will only use a limited part of any software
A recent 2008 annual forecast & survey by Irwin Broh and Associates, and published in Todays Machining World states that "Finding skilled people is the number one operating hurdle by 64 percent of respondents." 
Clearly, fully trained users of WORKNC will be able to get the most performance out of WORKNC. Many managers and shop owners don't realize the efficiencies they are losing by not providing complete and ongoing training for their users.
For WORKNC, we like to put it like this - you own a sports car but you may be driving it around in second gear thinking you're speeding! When in reality, you are not using the majority of the car's power.
For ERP systems such as WORKPLAN, independent research has shown that users typically only use 25-30% of functionality.  Don't let that be you!
Hexagon firmly believes that customers must reap the full benefits of their investment in all their software and that means ongoing training is vital.
Training is an investment rather than a cost and it will save you money.  How?
  • By reducing time spend trying to get to grip with new functions
  • By ensuring you use the software in the quickest, most efficient way possible
  • By limiting the risk of errors (particularly critical for milling operation)
  • By building your employees' know-how and skills base
  • By reducing your processing and lead times
  • By increasing your competitive advantage
Hexagon therefore offers a range of training options - inter or intra company, tailor-made, at our premises or on site, year round – to suit all preferences and with the minimum of disruption to your business.
Which WORKNC Class is right for you? 
Basic I is for the person that has never used WORKNC, or only used it once or twice.
Basic II builds on Basic I with slightly more advanced information. Basic I & II deliver a WORKNC user with baseline skills to cut parts.
Advanced I and Advanced II provide more higher level functionality and advanced programming tips to the slightly more experienced WORKNC user so they can find ways to do add efficiency to their cutting strategies.
5-Axis class requires prior knowledge or training of 3-Axis, to be able to work with the advanced 4 and 5 axis cutterpath strategies.